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Brownlow Hill, the famous Walker Art Gallery on the right and in the distance, the Liver buildings.  Liverpool, European Capital of Culture 2008.
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How can I use NLP in business?

We offer an extensive range of half and 1 day courses to equip your workforce with improved communication skills. Click to see a list of our workshops and training courses.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why some people can put their message accross in a way that just "sounds right" or may be gives you a "good feeling", or perhaps you get a clearer picture to act on?


What are they doing that is so much more effective?

Maybe they have learned some of the fundamental techniques of NLP to help with their communication skills.

When we speak to people, the words we use account for only about 7% of the message. What is more important (and often overlooked) is the tonality and physiology used by the person talking. Get that right, and you can convey a much more powerful message.
Add in the right language patterns and the flexibility to "speak your customers language" and you've now got a compelling package.
Would you like your staff to become excellent communicators and establish rapport with any person, at any moment in time?
Then call us now on 0151 931 5184

Let us build you a bespoke training course or short session, tailored exactly to your needs and we’ll help you dramatically improve your bottom line!

Last updated : 3 January, 2019

Find out about the Society of NLP. Find out about Design Human Engineering (TM) Find out about Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning. Find out about Richard Bandler.
Find out about the Society of NLP.
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