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Business and Corporate Training
from NLP Liverpool


Training you in NLP techniques we can help you improve:-

Presentation Skills

Team Building

Bespoke training - designed for your business needs.


NLP Liverpool offers the following training courses and workshops, all of which can be delivered at your premises and adjusted to your exact requirements.

The full list is available for download here - NLP Liverpool Workshops.

If there is something you would like and do not see on the list - we will create the right course for you and your staff.

Please call to discuss your training needs with us and book your dates, on 0151 931 5184.

We look forward to working with you soon.

1. Certified NLP Practitioner / Business Practitioner Course.

2. Certified NLP Master Practitioner Course.

3. NLP For Project Managers – Specific NLP techniques for project managers to successfully manage expectations, improve performance, and deliver to time and budget.

4. NLP For HR Professionals – Specific NLP techniques for HR professionals, with particular emphasis on written & verbal communication and interview techniques.

5. NLP For Legal Professionals – Specific NLP techniques for legal professionals, with particular emphasis on legal sales and customer service. (Twilight sessions available)

6. Telesales Skills – Sales skills focussed on telephone use and telesales.

7. Sales Skills – Basic sales skills, understanding the customer, their needs, presenting the product, handling objections and gaining commitment.

8. Advanced Sales Skills – Advanced NLP techniques to build powerful propulsion systems in the sales environment, the use of persuasive language patterns to gain commitment and close the sale.

9. Sales Manager Workshops – Coaching and mentoring skills for the sales manager.

10. Mystery Shopper – Full report and feedback on the experience your customers get when buying / using your service, including areas of excellence and areas for improvement.

11. Presentation Skills – Presentation skills and confidence building for those new to presenting and public speaking.

12. Advanced Presentation Skills – Advanced NLP techniques (anchors, language patterns, effective use of media and energy) for confident presenters to take their skills to the highest level.

13. “Speak Up” – The Art & Science of Positive Business Communication. A 1 hour stand-alone presentation, or 2 – 3 hour interactive workshop.

14. Peak Performance Workshops – Motivational workshops with various topics to help improve individual and team performance.

15. Confidence Workshops – For interviews, sales, presentations, performance etc. learn simple and effective techniques to give you the confidence you need, when you want it.

16. Eye Accessing Cues and Strategies – Understanding how people think, identifying and understanding the strategies they use, and how to use this to our advantage.

17. Advanced Rapport Skills – How to get instant rapport. For use with clients, customers, co-workers, friends and family.

18. Advanced Persuasive/ Hypnotic Language Skills – Advanced techniques for influencing and persuasion.

19. Bespoke Training – Training designed to fit your specific requirements, with your people and your industry in mind.

20. Facilitation Skills – Effective meeting management.

21. Creative Skills Workshops – Techniques to release your creative side.

22. Negotiation Skills – Techniques and skills for negotiations of all types.

23. Initial Training Courses (designed to clients needs) – Induction training for your new recruits, designed to meet your working practices, protocols and procedures.

24. Work-Life Balance – What makes a good balance? Techniques for restoring it.

25. Team Building Workshops – Varied topics and activities to build your team’s co-operation and spirit.

26. Utilising Metaphors & Stories – Using stories for training, sales and coaching.

27. Leadership Skills Workshop – Including:- Leadership Models, Outcomes, Setting priorities, Communication, Team, Customers, Stakeholders, Barriers, Resources, SWOT, Difficult Decisions etc.

28. Motivational Speeches & Workshops

29. Handling Difficult People – Techniques to deal with difficult people.

30. Dealing with Negativity – Techniques to deal with negativity.

31. Dealing with Stress – Recognising stress and learning techniques to eliminate it.

32. Eliminating Procrastination – Strategies for getting on with it.

33. Silencing The Worrier Within – Techniques for controlling an unhelpful inner dialogue. If you can’t see exactly what you’re looking for, bespoke training is our speciality.

Call us on 0151 931 5184 with your requirements and we’ll put together a training programme to meet your needs. We'll arrange to visit you and discuss your precise training needs, and show you how these techniques can benefit you and your business. We'll then put together a proposal for a training package that's right for your business.


Call us today on
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Last Updated: 3 January, 2019
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