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Certified NLP Practitioner Course (Education)

We have had a number of requests to run this course over school holidays - contact us on 0151 931 5184 if you would like to join a group and we'll fit you in.


Course Description

Certified NLP Practitioner Course, certified by Richard Bandler & The Society of NLP.

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for Teachers, Educational Developers, Managers, Supervisors & Team Leaders; Trainers, Coaches and Mentors; Programme and Project Managers; Human Resources Personnel; Recruitment Professionals and Counsellors.

Course Objectives

To become a certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, with a thorough and competent understanding of the NLP skill set and how these apply to learning.  We ensure that delegates have the confidence to know how and where to apply the right techniques to consistently achieve their desired objective.  Your organisation will benefit from your training by dramatically improving the quality of student learning experiences.


What you will learn



 NLP Practitioner

Education Related

  • How to control and master your own emotions and run your own brain.
  • Gain "Instant Rapport", whether this be face to face, over the telephone, with individuals or with a group.
  • Be in control. Access the most powerful and appropriate "internal states" for whatever situation you find yourself in.
  • “Representational Systems”
  •  The "Meta Model" and "Milton Model" patterns of communication.
  • Pattern interrupts, and their uses.
  • Reframing and anchoring.
  • The use of metaphors and their creation – powerful stories to change the way people think and act.
  • Strategies - elicitation, utilisation, and installation. (Or finding out what makes people do or think the things they do, and using this knowledge to help them achieve more, or do things differently.)
  • Patterns of change – the NLP techniques that produce fast and lasting change in individuals and groups.
  • Timelines, goal setting, resources, and changing personal history.
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs in yourself and others.


  • How to apply strategies for effective learning
  • Techniques for developing as a more creative teacher
  • Understanding of how people learn and the learning processes of individuals to create more flexibility in their learning.
  • Develop effective language patterns for learning
  • Representational systems (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic) and how these can be used to improve communication
  • The use of metaphors to change the way people think and act
  • Strategies for encouraging and maintaining behaviour change
  • Accelerated learning techniques
  • Meta modelling, effective goal setting and ‘chunking’
  • Helping students pace themselves so that they learn more effectively
  • Anchoring and its use in the classroom
  • Helping students access and build internal resources to promote learning
  • Timeline and belief change to assist students with low esteem


Contact us for details on 0151 931 5184

Last Updated: 3 January, 2019



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