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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an often misunderstood phenomena. When I introduce myself as an NLP Trainer and Hypnotist, I often get very mixed reactions, the most common of which is people turning their head away so I can't ..."look them in the eye and brain wash them."

What most people fail to realise is that we spend most of our lives in trance, a trance can be simply defined as turning your attention to only one thing.

Milton Erickson put it as "The loss of the multiplicity of the focci of attention", but you can always trust Milton to make an induction out of a definition.


A hypnotic trance may only last a moment or two for example, if I were to ask you "What's six multiplied by eleven?" you'd have the answer pretty quickly, but to do that, you need to turn your attention away from this screen for a split second to access that information, what you have just done is to go off into a trance to get the answer.
It's the same with our children - you call them down for tea, there's either no answer or a "Yeah, coming".... 5 minutes later you call them again, and they say they didn't hear you. They were in their own trance, doing their homework (well... they might have been - we can hope) or watching telly, "working" on the computer or some other occupation that has taken their "full and undivided attention" - i.e. they were in a trance!
When we look at the use of Hypnosis in therapy, or in other "change" work, then things become even more interesting.
The hypnotic trance induced in this instance is more profound, the trance is designed to induce an altered state of consciousness to reach a state of deep relaxation and allow the mind to become suggestible.
It is the minds ability to use the suggestions creatively that allows us to make the changes desired - whether it be a profound feeling of confidence, or new ways of satisfying our own inner requirements without resort to an undesired behaviour e.g. smoking.
Any process that communicates with and induces change in the unconscious mind is, by it's very definition, hypnotic in nature. You'll undoubtedly realise by now NLP is an advanced and incredibly powerful form of communication that can help you achieve your desired outcomes again and again and again.
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Last Updated: 3 January, 2019

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