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Eye Accessing Cues

Join us for the next practice group to really get to grips with this - come and see how it all works!

Have you ever taken the time to watch where people look when they talk to you?
Have you ever wondered if there is something to learn from this?

Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) did, and what he discovered gives us a better understanding of the way we think and the strategies we use. Follow the link to find out for yourself.

NLP Spelling Strategy

The work on eye accessing cues led to this clever and simple technique to help with learning spellings. The instructions are simple and it's an easy techniqe to teach to children and adults. Try it yourself with long or difficult words and see how easy it is.

You will need different coloured pens, paper and a long and complicated word!

Well Formed Questions

When you are struggling to find direction or want to set your goals for the future, or if you find yourself putting things off and feeling frustrated with your lack of progress, use these questions to help you.

They are designed to make you think thoroughly about what you want, what you need to do to get it and provide powerful motivators to get you there.

The 1 Point Technique

This is a great technique to use when you need to overcome nerves, silence that "voice inside your head" or deal with a difficult, challenging, confrontational or even dangerous situation.

It allows you to find a calm and resourceful state, where you are in better control of strong emotions. It enables you to think more rationally and clearly, rather than employing the sometimes automatic response of anger or agression.

A very useful technique to practice - like a muscle it becomes stronger with use.

If you remember to practice it, you will remember to use it.


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Updated: 3 January, 2019

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Find out about the Society of NLP.
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