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All our licensed Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses are certified by Richard Bandler & The Society of NLP - our use of the Society Logo, here, is your guarantee of the quality of our training.

Certified by The Society of NLP
NLP Liverpool certified by The Society of NLP

We've been using NLP in business, coaching and personal development for over 20 years and have been offering expert certified NLP Training since 2006. Follow this link to read what our clients say about our training.

The Society of NLP offers 3 levels of certified NLP Training - Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer.

NLP Liverpool are one of the few training institutes in the UK licenced by Richard Bandler to deliver the Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels, whilst Richard himself always delivers the Trainer's Training. Our trainer George attained his Trainer level certification in 2006 and is a member of Richard's international assistant team, regularly supporting Richard Bandler and both John and Kathleen La Valle at their trainings.

We always train small groups so you are guaranteed personal attention while you study with us.

Certified NLP Practitioner

This course is the ultimate in personal development training.

We work with business owners, from start ups to blue chip and multinationals, government agencies, NHS, teachers, educational developers, managers, supervisors & team leaders; trainers, coaches and mentors; programme and project managers; human resources personnel; recruitment professionals, counsellors, therapists, performers, property developers and housing agencies.

This course is ideal for anyone wanting to improve their communication, confidence, coaching, management, mentoring and leadership skills. Attended by people from all walks of life with one thing in common - they want to do things differently and better. If you identify as ambitious, entrepreneurial, successful, a self-starter, a disrupter or someone who wants to be - this is the course for you.

Your Certified NLP Practitioner course can focus on Personal Development, Coaching, Business, Education and Healthcare, follow the links for more detailed information about how the course will help you in each area.

John La Valle, George Cunningham & Dr. Bandler
George Cunningham and Richard Bandler

Certified Master Practitioner of NLP

This course takes your NLP learning to the next level.

You will learn NLP in even more depth, deepen your understanding of the technology and begin to create your own techniques

If you'd like to learn more about the work of Richard Bandler or John La Valle (President of The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming) then please click on their names and follow the links. Richard's contribution to the world we live in cannot be under estimated. NLP techniques form the foundation of many approaches to coaching, therapy, hypnosis, cognitive behavioural therapy, and is employed by businesses in sales, communication, marketing, leadership training and in education and medicine. 

The technology of NLP is employed everywhere, from the advertising we see on television, the music that accompanies it, to the smell of freshly baked bread as you walk into the supermarket (or coffee when you're selling your home) - learning how to communicate more effectively others

Now is the time to "seize the day", take control of your life and reach your full potential.

George with Dr. Bandler, John and Kathleen La Valle
Your trainer - george cunningham is a member of the assistant team supporting dr. richard bandler, john la valle and kathleen la valle

Society of NLP Certification

If you are already a licensed Practitioner or Master Practitioner and need to renew your certification, then follow this link to The Society of NLP certification website. You'll need your existing highest certificate to hand (for the number from the seal) and then follow the instructions.