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On Wednesday 3rd June our Wednesday Webinar will be “Life Lessons from Lockdown".

It’s hard to believe that we've reached the tenth week of our regular Wednesday Webinars and so, we thought it would be a good time to review what we've learned so far. This week our topic will be "Life lessons from Lockdown".

Over the last 10 weeks we've learned so much about ourselves - what's important to us; what we'll do more of; what we'll let go of; who is important to us; who we miss; who we don't miss and what we'll say "no" to in the future.

We'd love you to join us and share your experiences with the group, and of course, invite along those that may find this of benefit too.

There is so much we can learn from this experience, let's keep learning and share.

Join us for our Wednesday webinar series for afternoon tea at 3 or pre-dinner drinks at 6:30.

Looking forward to hearing your stories and sharing some friendly chat and top tips.

In order to ensure our digital security you will need to email us for the link to register for these meetings. Simply click the titles below.

Wednesday at 3, afternoon tea 3-4pm

Wednesday Webinar, Pre-Dinner Drinks 6:30-7:30pm


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Everyone will find it useful.

We've been running our NLP Practice Group for 16 years, and as always, there will be a warm welcome, interesting people, lots of laughing and learning. The tea, coffee, buffet and biscuits can be found in your kitchen, or you could enjoy the one below, I know I did.

We hope to see you on Wednesday.

NLP for All at The Quaker Meeting House, Liverpool
From NLP novice to Master Practitioner and beyond, everyone is welcome.

If you have an idea for a topic, Email your suggestion today.