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NLP for All - NLP Practice Group

Focussing on the practical use of NLP techniques for business, coaching, personal development or therapy, our NLP Practice groups - NLP for All events offer something for everybody. From absolute novice, to experienced Master Practitioners and Trainers, everyone is welcome to join us and continue your NLP journey.

Monday 2nd March

Quaker Meeting House, 22 School Lane, Liverpool, L1 3BT

18:30 - 21:15hrs - All welcome.

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NLP for Business

NLP Taster - An introduction to NLP.

Ever wondered what NLP is all about?

Or have you learned some NLP and it's got a bit "rusty"

Maybe you've come across NLP at work or in a personal development or coaching book.

Wondering if NLP could be useful to you?

In this fast paced evening event, we'll bust some myths, answer your questions and give you the opportunity to learn and practice a few very simple techniques that you can use right away. Information below, or contact us if you need to know even more.

So, join us on 2nd March for a relaxed evening of fun and learning.

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Early bird rate £15 until Friday 28th February, £20 thereafter.

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Everyone will find it useful.

We've been running our NLP Practice Group for 16 years, and as always, there will be tea, coffee, buffet, warm welcome, interesting people, lots of laughing and learning - guaranteed.

These are relaxed, workshop style personal development sessions, suitable for all levels. There will be a light buffet and tea and coffee from 6:30 with the workshop starting at 7pm.

Early booking ESSENTIAL.

NLP for All at The Quaker Meeting House, Liverpool
From NLP novice to Master Practitioner and beyond, everyone is welcome.

These evenings are a great opportunity for complete beginners, Practitioners and Master Practitioners to meet and practice a couple of really useful NLP techniques in a relaxed atmosphere.

This also gives you the chance to come and meet us and see how we deliver our training. The NLP techniques we will teach you, can be applied in all sorts of situations in business, coaching or simply for personal development.

This is a great way of learning from other people, and using each other's real life examples to demonstrate how you can make changes for yourself and others with NLP.

Previous evenings have included:-

NLP for Mental Health, Wellbeing and Stress, Installing and using powerful anchors, Planning for success with NLP, Work/Life Balance - getting it right", "Representational Systems", "Stop, Look and Listen with NLP", "Assertiveness", "Silencing the Worrier Within", "Procrastination - Let's not put it off any longer!", "Dealing with Negativity", "Dealing with Difficult people", "Stress relief at the push of a button" and "Planning your future".

If you have an idea for a topic, Email your suggestion today.