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Certified NLP Master Practitioner Training.

We've been delivering certified NLP Training since 2006 - we really know our stuff, click here to see what are students are saying.

10 days training, usually delivered in 2 parts each over 5 days. You must have already completed your certified NLP Practitioner training with a Society of NLP Licenced trainer and be able to produce your SNLP certificate (with Gold seal and registration number visible) before we can accept your application to study with us.

Get started NOW - you can update and refine your skills as we are successfully delivering Part 1 of the training over zoom.

Sessions run for at convenient times for you over 36 hours to complete part 1 live online with your trainer George Cunningham. Part 2 is completed in person on one of the scheduled courses.

We are starting new cohorts regularly online. You will still need up to 6 days face to face training to complete the certification, in the meantime, you CAN get started.

We also offer flexible study options and weekend only courses - contact us for details.

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NLP Master Practitioner Training - Certified by Richard Bandler and The Society of NLP

10 Day Intensive & Weekends Only

Our NLP Master Practitioner courses run for 10 full days. Course runs Monday to Friday with a month or 2 (or longer if desired) between Part 1 and 2

Limited Places Already - Book NOW

Part 1 Monday 3rd - Friday 7th July 2023

Part 2 Monday 7th - Friday 11th August 2023

Also booking now for AUTUMN

Part 1 Monday 11th - Friday 15th September 2023

Part 2 Monday 9th - Friday 13th October 2023

You may be able to join a small group and study sooner - contact us for details. We frequently schedule small courses in 2 or 3 day blocks to fit busy schedules.

Contact us to go onto the waiting list for a weekend-only training course, we will be scheduling one to run over 4 months in early 2023.


Unlike some other providers, our training ALWAYS includes full certification with NLP co-creator Dr. Richard Bandler and The Society of NLP - your guarantee of the quality of our training and courses.

Course Fee

Your course fee is £2,350 (or £2,100 if you completed your NLP Practitioner course with NLP Liverpool). No hidden extras or add ons. Your certificate will be personally signed by Richard Bandler and John La Valle and arrives from the U.S. around 6 weeks after your training.

When you book, we invoice half the course fee, once this is settled, we'll post the manual and extra handouts so you have all the materials you need to hand for the Zoom sessions.

The remaining half of the course fee is payable prior to the face to face group work later in the year. We’ll be flexible and offer these when we are allowed, at times and dates that are mutually convenient.

Register your interest NOW by email or phone us on 0151 931 5184.

Booking Requirements

It is a requirement of this course that you are already certified to NLP Practitioner level with The Society of NLP. If you didn't study the Practitioner with us, we will need to have a copy of your certificate when you book, so we can complete your registration for certification.

If your practitioner certificate has been awarded by a different certifying body, please contact us to discuss.

George Cunningham and Dr. Richard Bandler
George Cunningham and Richard Bandler

The Training

Since 2006 we have been developing and enhancing our training courses with the very latest developments direct from NLP co-creator Dr. Richard Bandler himself.

George is a member of Richard's small international team of assistants, joining Richard, John La Valle, Kathleen La Valle and Paul McKenna at their training courses in London. We incorporate any new developments into our own courses, so you can be sure you are learning the very latest techniques for personal change and coaching. You can be sure your training is bang up to date.

Richard Bandler recommends George Cunningham
Richard's recommendation

As our group size is limited to 15, you will receive personal attention throughout the course. This ensures you understand the techniques and feel fully confident using them after you complete the course. You can ALWAYS ring George to discuss any queries or problems - all part of our ongoing personal service to our students.

You'll already have a practitioner level knowledge and skills and may want to increase this knowledge before you attend your course, simply contact us and we can recommend the best resources to help you along your way.

After the course, you will receive the Master Practitioner daily email tasks to help really embed the learnings you have made. This ensures your training stays with you in the months that follow. Past students say this really helps them to build their skills and improves their deeper understanding of the subject. This is a great way to keep the training alive in the months after. These are life long skills to use every day.

Master Practitioner training improves:-

NLP Master Practitioner training will help delegates show significant improvements in the following areas:-

Self Management

Effective Communication Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Emotional intelligence

Management Skills

‘Meta’ Skills

You will learn:-

Richard Bandler and John Grinder, co-creators of NLP, founded The Society of Neuro--Linguistic Programming in 1978 and it is the first and largest NLP certification, training, validation and quality control organisation in the world. Richard personally trains, assesses and certifies all Society of NLP Trainers (including George), and it is for this reason that we decided to ensure that our training courses are certified by The Society of NLP. In fact, Richard signs all our certificates personally and George regularly assists him, John La Valle and Kathleen La Valle at their international trainings in London.

Society of NLP Logo - your guarnatee of quality.
The Society of NLP Logo

We are proud to be the first NLP training institute in Liverpool to offer NLP training certified by Richard Bandler and The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and our display of the society’s logos is your guarantee of the quality of our training.