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The Session

Zoom, Teams, Skype and telephone sessions are usually 1 hour long or you can book for longer if required. These sessions cost £75 per hour, discounted rates available for block bookings and regular sessions - call to discuss.

A Face to Face session is 2 hours and costs £140, thereafter the sessions are £75 per hour. We offer discounted rates for block booking, corporate clients and regular sessions - call 0151 931 5184 to discuss.


Sessions can be booked for mutually convenient times between 06:00hrs (useful for our Dubai clients) and 21:00hrs (to include our West Coast U.S.A. clients), including weekends.

We don't tie you in to monthly or up front payments.

No minimum number of sessions required, book what you need, when you need it.

Grab a coffee and give me a call on 0151 931 5184 for a free no obligation half hour chat. We'll discuss your objectives and how we can help you to achieve them. Or, grab your diary and we'll schedule your session at a convenient time for us both.

Time for a coffee.
Time for a coffee


Paul F. - Merseyside

I just wanted to write and thank you for the changes I have noticed already. The session completely exceeded my expectations

I am aware of the practical advice you gave me and am already applying it. I also know that there is far more hidden beneath what I recall, and I look forward to the impact this will have as I move forward.

I feel free for the first time in a long time and found myself waking up at 5 am this morning scribbling down a collection of ideas for a global reaching business that is much larger than any of my previous ideas.

I want to do the practitioner course as learning more about managing myself in the ways you showed me last night would be fantastic.” - P.F., Liverpool

Mr. Nick M. - Hampshire

About a year and a half ago I had a job which I hated, I received no appreciation and I had nothing to expect from it. I tried to follow various alternative careers, but I was not successful at even getting a first assignment into any of them. And with every failure I'd lower my ambitions further, to only fail again. Eventually I ran out of ideas and it felt like I'd retire from what I called "the shittiest of all jobs" (and I was only 38). It was then that I was introduced to George.

George was able to help me come up with fresh ideas, which I hadn't thought of before.

But more important than that, he restored my faith in myself; he made me realise that being rejected as "overqualified" is actually a good thing; that I should set my goals at the level dictated by my skill, and not at the one dictated by my present situation; that if an employer doesn't want me it's because that position isn't good enough for me... Soon I started generating ideas myself, and I was finally getting interviews.

George was always there, keeping me focused on my long term objectives and preventing me from slipping into the dangerous "I want to get out of this job no matter what" mentality. George helped me make the right decisions at crucial points, and I eventually managed to start a career as a housing market economist, which I enjoy and the long term prospects are very good.

And having shorted this out I was able to move the focus from career to life, where George's help is again proving invaluable.

I would recommend George to everyone, for his ability to motivate and to inspire self-belief, his vast amount of resources and his genuine care for the outcome. George's support is not limited to the scheduled hour every week; George would give me an "extra" call before an interview and chat me into the right mood to succeed, for as long as it would take.

Thank you George!

Chris H. - Merseyside

I have been on a few courses held by NLP Liverpool, and have found George to be an excellent trainer/coach who makes the experience friendly and fun. Both George and Julie always so welcoming. 

I have always had an issue with my confidence, especially in social situations or where I do not know anyone. I received one-to-one coaching from George, and I am like a new person.

A couple of weeks after my coaching session I found myself in a situation where I would have normally smiled and run away, but I found I was able to converse with a complete stranger. I expect it will be a marathon (not a sprint) before I achieve pure Confidence Nirvana, but George has definitely helped me get over my initial fears and start the journey.

I would definitely recommend NLP Liverpool to friends and family.

Mr. Tel. B. - Liverpool

I can honestly say that George helped me get my last job!

I had been to a number of interviews in the past and through a mixture of lack of confidence and panic, when I didn’t answer the question to the best of my abilities, I failed to secure the position for myself.

I went to see George in the hope that he could help to build my confidence for my next interview (a job I really wanted).

I was a bit cynical about the hypnotherapy but was willing to try. I had heard of his skill regarding helping people successfully lose weight. However I didn’t want to look thin for the interview I wanted to get my dream job!

What I actually found was that George’s skills and techniques cover many areas, different relaxation techniques, confidence training, listening techniques, interview preparation and practice.

I left my first session with a lot of work to do myself but feeling a lot more confident. Being the person that I am I had managed to work myself into such a state in the days prior to the interview that I was ready to not to bother. However I called George again and by the end of our second session, I was feeling ready, calm, confident and sure the job could be mine.

The interview was the most enjoyable I have had. No panics, even though I could not fully answer some questions I now had the techniques to answer then confidently, to move the interview on and also to calm myself down, ready for the next question.

Thanks George you have helped me on my way to changing my life.

Dave D. - Merseyside

The interview went well, no blushing and no inclination to either.

Answered all the questions and was generally pleased with the way it went.

Got off to a slightly shaky start mind, too much adrenalin pumping, but covertly applied the finger thumb technique and relaxed into things easily. After that I was able to focus and was in there for an hour which is about right so I'm told.

They will let me know within two weeks if I've been successful, but to be honest I'm just really pleased that I could go in there and not make an arse of myself.

Thanks for your help, it made a big difference to my approach I'd definitely recommend you.