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"And the Doctor said...."

Words are incredibly powerful, they give us a message at the conscious level, but what is often overlooked and underutilised is the meaning of the communication at the unconscious level.

For example, a Doctor would be required to give his patient some idea of how long recovery will take and the degree of recovery to be expected.

There are a number of ways of delivering the same message, each way will produce different suggestions that could affect the degree of recovery or the time taken.

When we analyse the meaning of the communication at the unconscious level, then we can really start to use the power of the unconscious mind to help the healing process.

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Communication Skills

Rapport building - helping you "tame" those difficult "heart sink" patients and create positive outcomes, reducing complaints, and creating better working relationships with colleagues.

"Meta model" questioning techniques, to get help patients understand themselves and move forward from that "stuck" state.

Conflict management skills to use with patients and colleagues.

Feedback and appraisal techniques that produce powerful results.

Instant Confidence and Positivity

Learn techniques to change your state quickly to handle difficult situations.

Learn and develop your own techniques to create state change in your patients.

Time Management

Learn techniques to help you manage your time more effectively and set direction and create change.

Get more out of life and improve the work / life balance.

Seminars and workshops

We have trained many health professionals, including GPs and hospital doctors at all levels, along with occupational therapists, specialist nurses, nutritional advisors and speech & language therapists. They tell us how they have used their NLP knowledge and techniques with both patients and colleagues, to great effect. We'd be delighted to share some of their insights and knowledge with you. Call us now to discuss your needs, on 0151 931 5184.

For a broader introduction to the benefits of NLP for yourself, your staff and others, our NLP Taster workshops are an ideal way to learn some basic principles. These sessions can be delivered at your surgery or dental practice and are very interactive. Follow the link above for more details.

If you'd really like to experience the benefits of using these techniques with your patients for yourself, then click on the link above for further details.

Enquiries & Booking:- Call us on 0151 931 5184 we look forward to working with you.

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