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Outplacement Services

In an ever changing business environment it is sometimes necessary to reduce staff numbers or redeploy resources.

Where roles are being made redundant, outplacement services provide both practical and emotional support to help individuals move forward and find their next role quickly.

Having access to this support has a tremendous positive impact on the individual's success in finding their next job.

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Every step is a golden opportunity.
Your next step is a golden opportunity

The Benefits

Whilst the job market is highly competitive, supporting employees as they transition out of the company means that they are as well prepared as possible.

In many cases it may have been years since an employee last had a job interview and sometimes longer since they updated their c.v. Helping employees prepare for their next career step - whatever it may be, can have profound effects on their chances of success, as well as their mental health and wellbeing.

H.R. and line manager resources are often stretched during a redundancy. Our outplacement services help free up these resources so they have the time and energy to deal more efficiently with their priorities.

For individuals who remain with the company, the fact that their exiting colleagues were well treated shows them that the company cares for all of its employees helping to maintain morale.


We are delighted to provide a range of outplacement services to corporate clients, including:-

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Every cloud has a silver lining - its time to move on to better things.
There's always a silver lining - head for new shores