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Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight?

Are you fed up with yo-yo dieting? Do you simply want to feel better about yourself and improve your health? Do you want to have more energy and enjoy life to the full?

We've been working with clients for over 15 years, helping them lose weight and get healthier day by day.

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A "Big Problem" or just some bad habits?

Many people find it hard to lose weight because unconsciously they have learned bad habits. They eat unconsciously and eat too much of the wrong things. They know they need to change but find it hard to get started and difficult to keep motivated.

Does this describe you?

Only by changing your attitudes and beliefs about yourself, your food, and your health, will you make the change you need to get healthy.

Diets may help you lose weight initially, but many people simply go back to their old ways because they haven’t made those fundamental behavioural changes.

Diets usually make you miserable and often the weight loss is short term! The result is yo-yo dieting and a feeling of failure.

By altering your mindset you can begin to enjoy your food even more and still lose that extra weight, while being happier and healthier long term.

Dealing with Emotional Hunger

We’ll help you recognise emotional hunger, cravings and comfort eating and deal with it effectively.

You will leave the day feeling more positive about yourself and the way you look, motivated to eat better, exercise more and be a slimmer healthier you.

Exercise made easy.

Using powerful techniques to re-train your mind, this session will change the way you think about food and exercise.

By reinforcing your own motivation to take appropriate exercise, you’ll begin to lose weight more effectively and find that you have more energy than you had before.

The session

This half day session over zoom is relaxed, interactive, and above all, fun! It gives you everything you need to achieve your ideal shape and weight.

We’re so determined you’ll be successful, we’ll give you a 30 minute telephone coaching call every month for 6 months after your session to keep you on track.

Session Fee

Session costs £240 for a half day, and afterwards we provide free telephone support, and follow up emails.

Call Now on 0151 931 5184.

Start your new life today and start the journey to your ideal shape and ideal weight.

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A slimmer healthier you is within reach