NLP Liverpool

About Us

NLP Liverpool is, as the name suggests, based in the historic city of Liverpool in the UK.

Liverpool's iconic Liver Building in glorious sunshine.
Liverpool's famous Liver Building, in glorious sunshine.

Despite being Liverpool based, we deliver training all over the UK and have clients across the globe, with some in far flung destinations such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand amongst others. Closer to home, we've delivered training for corporates, small businesses and Government Bodies from across the UK, including the Isle of Man.

We even have clients flying in for training from all over Europe and beyond. With John Lennon Airport a short train ride away, Liverpool is a convenient place to complete your NLP Training.

We happily travel the world to delliver training.
With excellent links from John Lennon Airport, Liverpool is more international than you might think.

NLP Liverpool is proud to be the first NLP training institute in Liverpool to offer NLP training courses certified by Richard Bandler and The Society of NLP.

NLP Liverpool is run by Julie & George Cunningham. Julie Cunningham is our managing director and will be delighted to help you start your personal development journey, to find out more about Julie, follow this link.

George Cunningham is our director of training and part of Richard Bandler, John & Kathleen La Valle's international team of assistants and delivers our business and personal training and coaching. To find out more about George, follow this link.

For more information on our beautifuil city, go to Visit Liverpool for the latest news.

We hope you enjoy the city as much as we do..

At NLP Liverpool, we have always been keen photographers and we look forward to bringing you some of our own pictures through our sister site "nicelittlepictures", we'll post a link here when we're ready to go.