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17th July 2019

We have passed the middle of the year alread and had such a busy 6 months there's barely been time to post any news.

As usual there has been a steady procession of students for certified NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training and we've thoroughly enjoyed their company. There has been the occasional day of training outdoors - always a pleasure to sit in the office with the window open and hear the laughing from outside.

We've also been coaching people from some very large organisations recently who have come to us for help with stress or overwhelm. It's great to see that HR Managers recognise the value of NLP intervention to help their top level executives to keep on top of their mental health.

If you had a dodgy shoulder or ongoing problems with a bad back, you'd have regular sessions with your physio or chiropractor to keep everything in line and moving freely. It's the same with your mental wellbeing - having a coach is so important to help you review and reflect and head off stress before it impacts on your work or family.

A 2 hour session is £90, most people will see us maybe a couple of times to get themselves back on track and then once a month or as necessary. Telephone or Skype coaching (£50 an hour) is also becoming very popular. We can talk at any reasonable time of the day or night - so you can always fit it in to your busy schedule - even when abroad, driving hands free or waiting for a flight.

Call us today on 0151 931 5184 to discuss how we can help you.

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