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Presentation Skills Training

Do presentations fill you with dread?

Does your fear of presenting hold back your career?

Do you watch those who make it look easy and know you need help?

Contact us today and learn from the experts.

We prefer to work in the room with you if we can. We have been delivering coaching online for many years so are happy to work with you and your teams over your preferred online platform.

We can help you define and refine your style for online platforms AND help you become a better stand up presenter in a room full of people.

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Create Stage Presence when you present
 style, your confidence and your presentation.

1 Full Day - Individual Coaching

Many clients come to us for expert individual tuition, where we can work on your particular needs. You will have individual attention to work on your style, your confidence and your presentation.

Ring us on 0151 931 5184 with your diary to hand and we'll find a day to suit you.

Ideal for interview, presentation or wedding speech.

Cost £400

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Presentation Skills Workshops

You will learn the techniques used by some of the world’s greatest presenters. We'll teach you to deliver your message eloquently, confidently, and memorably - with style.

We believe you learn something best by doing it, not by sitting and watching, so you'll spend most of the time on your feet ACTUALLY presenting.

Gain the confidence and ability to present effortlessly, an essential skill for interviews, departmental meetings, moving right up to conference and large podium presentations.

You’ll learn how to construct a clear, captivating and powerful presentation, using spatial and analogue anchors to deliver a coherent and consistent message to your audience.

Even if you're a competent presenter already, this one day workshop will make you into a truly great one!

Email us for more details, to register your interest or better still, call us on 0151 931 5184.

Course fee £400

In-House Workshops

Presentation skills workshops can also be delivered to your company, in-house, over zoom at your convenience. Call us for details and a formal quotation.

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Inner confidence makes all the difference